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Thank you to all those volunteers getting involved in this campaign and raising funds and awareness for us.

Here you will find some resources to help your effort and campaign.

The logo on the right is available in a number of formats for you to use on stickers, tee-shirts, leaflets and so on and you can make it your profile picture on social media sites. For other formats and sizes please email with your requirements.

Here is a press release you can download to send to local papers/radio stations and so on to highlight your efforts and see if they would like to run a story on you. Perhaps you could get a local radio station to follow your efforts over the whole nine months?

Start by googling the local station/paper etc and look of an email or phone number for their news desk then ask who you should send the press release to. 

It is a good idea to write up your "case study". Here is an example of one Susie Nicholas wrote about her pregnancy and fund raising campaign. You are welcome to email your case study to Caitlin to review it. Key points to remember:

  • Try to put a positive spin on it; it's not a therapy session so try to avoid going on about how badly you suffered as the main focus. Rather explain the severity in terms of why you are now so passionate and why the cause is important. ie. you are using your bad experience to help others
  • Keep sentences short
  • Keep paragraphs to about 4 lines
  • Keep the whole thing short, half an A4 is plenty
  • Keep to the point
  • Include a photo if you can
  • Triple check your spelling and grammar

Here are some tips from Susie also on how to go about getting an article in the local paper:

  • Get the phone number of the Newsdesk (eg from the paper's FB page/website)
  • Call and explained that you are phoning on behalf of PSS. Explain a bit about HG and PSS and that you are hoping to get some publicity for the charity
  • It can help to have something a bit newsworthy/topical to say about it eg you are going to attend the Conference, you are taking part in Nine months of ...
  • The papers seemed to like the angle "I suffered and now I want to help others"
  • Mentioned that you live locally
  • Let them know you have a prepared a document setting out info on HG, PSS, a bit about you and some "quotes" from you and the Chief Officer for the Charity. Offer to email this to the reporter. (eg For the Nine months of ... campaign, the press release.)
  • They may want you to email a photo so you could have one ready eg wearing PSS t-shirt/holding poster.
  • Always try to reply quickly as they are usually under fairly tight deadlines.

The blogs about the campaign are here and it's important that participants keep them up to date about their progress. Google "tips on blog writing" for loads of helpful ideas and guidance!

Don't forget that you can really promote your efforts via social media sites. The campaign hashtag for twitter is #9monthsof and profile is @ninemonthsof

Fundraising for this event is via BT MyDonate. Any problems with this please let Caitlin know.

If you do get asked by a journalist for an interview get in touch with Caitlin as we have documents we can email with helpful pointers and facts and figures.

Thanks again for getting involved and hopefully this campaign will be a great success which you will all enjoy.


"I've found having a peer supporter really useful. A few texts seems like such a small thing, but it’s meant a lot to know I’m not alone and that there is someone that I can speak to, who has been through it themselves"

Did you know?

Women who have experienced severe NVP or HG in a pregnancy have a high chance of HG recurrence.

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