Information and Resources for Volunteers

We have produced a number of resources to help you in efforts to support women and raise awareness. If there are other items you would like to see please get in touch and let us know. In addition to the resources below there are a number of other pages for you to explore such as fundraising and other web links.


NVP and HG

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Aim Awards - Level 2 Award in Personal and Social Development Skills


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Volunteer Conference 2016

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Agree to Terms for Registered Volunteers


"If it wasn't for the helpline I wouldn't have got the help and the treatment I needed to cope."


30% of pregnant women in paid employment need time off work due to NVP.


85% of pregnant women have two episodes of nausea per day.


Nausea & vomiting in pregnancy (NVP) is very common, on average it affects 70-80% of pregnant women to a greater or lesser extent.