Wanted and unwanted pregnancies in relation to NVP



  1. Women who wanted the pregnancy were more likely to experience NVP than those who did not want the pregnancy. 78 women. (23)
  2. Planned pregnancies had a higher incidence of nausea. 1,000 women. (40)
  3. Nausea is more prevalent among those whose pregnancy is planned. 1,513 women. (45)
  4. Women with wanted pregnancies were more likely than those with unwanted pregnancies to report pregnancy symptoms which include amenorrhoea, morning sickness and breast tenderness. 99 women. (52)
  5. The percentage of women with wanted pregnancies is significantly lower among women who report not having NVP than among women who report this complaint. 4,954 women. (16)
  6. Women having both nausea and vomiting during the first trimester reported significantly more unplanned unwanted pregnancies than women experiencing nausea only or no symptoms. 86 women. (15)
  7. 80% of unwanted pregnancies (25 legal abortions) have nausea, 70% in total study population of 948 pregnancies had NVP. (6)
  8. No difference in NVP among planned and unplanned pregnancies. 9,098 women, 4,517 vomited, 3,502 did not vomit. (18)




Wanted pregnancy more NVP. (23) (40) (45) (52) (16)            Total:            Five References


Unwanted pregnancy more NVP. (15) (6)                                 Total:            Two References


No difference in NVP between wanted and unwanted pregnancies. (18)

                                                                                                   Total:            One Reference


Did you know?

Evidence is mounting from biological research that GDF15, the key driver of cancer cachexia, is linked to severe NVP

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