Reduced maternal weight gain in current pregnancy related to NVP and hyperemesis gravidarum



1.   Women admitted repeatedly with hyperemesis have a more severe nutritional disturbance associated with significantly reduced maternal weight gain. 140 patients with HG, 70 admitted on only one occasion, 39 admitted on multiple occasions. 31 patients lost to follow-up. (33)

2.   Women with hyperemesis gravidarum tended to gain less weight during pregnancy. 419 women with hyperemesis gravidarum. 836 women who did not vomit. (22)

3.   No relation between maternal weight gain and NVP, 363 women. (53)

4.   The weight gain during pregnancy for women with no NVP, nausea only and vomiting of pregnancy was not too different. 414 women, 44 had no NVP. (21)

5.   Of 555 women in Cohort B (those specially requesting advice regarding the management of nausea and vomiting in pregnancy), 9.3% reported weight loss associated with vomiting in pregnancy. There was a significant correlation between maximal number of daily episodes of vomiting and maximal weight loss (r=0.25 P

6.   Group A mothers (Hyperemesis Gravidarum with weight loss greater than 5% pre-pregnancy weight) gained 9.6 ± 2.4kg and Group B mothers (HG with less than 5% pre-pregnancy weight gain) 13.7 ± 3.2kg. P

7.   The adverse infant outcomes associated with hyperemesis are the consequence of and mostly limited to, women with poor maternal weight gain.   (158)
Compared to women without hyperemesis n=127,835, infants born to women with hyperemesis and with low pregnancy weight gain more likely to be low birth weight, small for gestational age (SGA) born before 37 weeks of gestation and have a 5 minute Apgar score of less than 7.
The outcomes among infants born to women with hyperemesis with weight gain of 7kg or more n=885 were not different from the outcomes among women without hyperemesis.   (158)



No difference in maternal weight gain in relation to NVP. (53) (21)           

                                                                                                Total:            Two References


Hyperemesis associated with reduced weight gain. (33) (22) (83) (42) (158)

                                                                                                Total:            Five References

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