Parity in relation to NVP



  1. Vomiting compared to no vomiting was more common among primigravida. 8,019 pregnancies, 4,517 vomited, 3,502 did not vomit. P = 0.02. (18)
  2. Nulliparity was significantly associated with increased risk of hyperemesis. 419 women with hyperemesis, 836 women did not vomit. (22)
  3. Hyperemesis gravidarum. 51 Nulliparous, 30 para 1, 1 para 2. (26)
  4. There was a higher proportion of primigravida in the hyperemetic group. 72 hyperemetic women. (28)
  5. A shift towards para 1 is seen in hyperemesis. 3,068 women with hyperemesis gravidarum. (29)
  6. Nulliparous women reported more severe vomiting or retching symptoms. 100 women in the study population. (48)
  7. Less women with hyperemesis gravidarum who were para 3 or greater. 193 women with hyperemesis gravidarum. (61)
  8. Hyperemesis gravidarum more prevalent among women with fewer pregnancies. Average number pregnancies HG = 2.8. Average number of pregnancies control 3.60
  9. Primigravida did not produce a marked increase in risk of vomiting in this study. 1,867 women in study. 1,666 no vomiting, 201 severe vomiting. (65)
  10. Multigravida suffered from emesis gravid arum at a higher rate than did primigravida. 90 women in study population. (19)
  11. Women of higher parity were significantly (P
  12. 72.4% of HG ‘cases’ were multipara. 87 women with HG in study, records from 1921-1937 in Baltimore University Hospital. (69)
  13. Women who experience morning sickness, 67%, had a greater number of previous pregnancies, 2.0 ± 1.7, than those who had no morning sickness, 1.4 ± 1.4.
    180 women in study. (104)
  14. The woman’s parity was not related to NVP. 100 women in study. (4)
  15. Incidence of nausea did not appear to be higher in first pregnancy, when white population was considered (P=
  16. There was no correlation between the incidence of nausea and parity. 1,000 women in study population. (40)
  17. No relation between NVP and parity. 363 women in study population. (53)
  18. The parity did not differ among the four groups. Group (Gr) 1 No symptoms; Gr2 Nausea only; Gr3 Vomiting; Gr4 HG. 1,453 women with singleton pregnancies in study. (63)
  19. Parity not associated with NVP. 825 women in study. (31)
  20. The number of previous children of the study subjects was unrelated to the study subjects’ current experience with nausea and to their scores on the overall nauea index. (McGill Nausea Questionnaire). 160 women in study. (80)
  21. Twenty patients were admitted with hyperemesis gravidarum to Tygerberg Hospital over a 1 year period. Sixty percent of the group were primgravid. (125)
    1.   Women expecting their first baby (parity 0) had a decreased risk of NVP.

3,675 women in study.

2,906 reported NVP. (132)

  1. Women who used Meclozine in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, 16,536 were less             often of parity 1 (their first child). Meclozine was mainly used for NVP. (133)
  2. Admission for HG







≤ 1





Total number of admissions for HG 1270 (158)




Primigravida (or in more recent references nulliparity) relative to increased NVP.

(18) (22) (26) (28) (29) (48) (125). All seven references refer to HG.

12,596 women in six studies.                                                       Total:            Seven References


The greater the gravida the less likely to have HG.

(61) (64) t

Both references refer to HG.

566 women in six studies.                                                            Total:            Two References


Multigravida more NVP than primigravida.

(19) (51) t (69) (104) (133)

One of these references refers to HG (69).

24,660 women in five studies.                                                      Total:            Five References


No relationship between nausea and parity.

(4) (10) t (40) (53) (63) (31) (80)(158)

Of these eight, only (63) refers to HG.                                          Total:            Eight References

11,848 women in seven studies.


Primigravida no marked increase in vomiting. (65)                       Total:            One Reference


Primigravida (parity 0) decreased risk of NVP. (132)                    Total:            One Reference

tP value recorded.

Did you know?

Women who have experienced severe NVP or HG in a pregnancy have a high chance of HG recurrence.

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