NVP in relation to previous nausea when taking the contraceptive pill



  1. Of those who had taken the contraceptive pill, the ones in whom it caused nausea were more likely to have nausea and vomiting of pregnancy. P
  2. Strong correlation between those who had nausea with the pill and those who had NVP. The patients who did not tolerate oral contraceptives suffered NVP at a considerably higher frequency, P
  3. In the present study 33% (n = 19) did not tolerate the drugs (oral contraception) for various reasons (nausea, bleeding disorders, weight increases or tendency to depression) and these women showed a remarkably higher frequency of emesis gravidarum. 68 pregnant women in study population. (32)
  4. Among the 45 women who reported sickness whilst they had been taking oral contraceptives there was a higher incidence of pregnancy vomiting (P
  5. Increased incidence of nausea when taking an oral contraceptive failed to reach statistical significance at the P=0.01 level. Differences in the median total hours of nausea found for the group who complained of suffering nausea when taking an oral contraceptive, compared to those who had no nausea with this treatment, was 58.8 hours compared with 35.5 hours (Mann-Whitney U Test, P=0.12). 363 women in study population. (53)
  6. A history of nausea while using oral contraceptives was unrelated to NVP or to intensity of nausea scores. 160 women in study. (80)



Women who reported sickness when taking oral contraceptives more likely to have NVP. (27) t (6) t (32) (40) t (53) t                                                                                            

Total: Five References


A history of nausea when taking an oral contraceptive was unrelated to NVP. (80)                                                                                                                                                                     

Total: One Reference

tP value recorded


Did you know?

Women who have experienced severe NVP or HG in a pregnancy have a high chance of HG recurrence.

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