Ethnic origin in relation to NVP



  1. Colour and race do not significantly influence the incidence of hyperemesis gravidarum. Three references and the author’s own experience. (10)
  2. Afro-Caribbean patients (71%) had symptoms of NVP compared to 78.5% of Caucasians.
    500 women. (27)
  3. The percentage of women who were nauseated was not significantly associated with race, 7,767 women. (51)
  4. Racial status was similar for hyperemesis patients 193, and the general population. 13,053 women. (61)
  5. 47 Negro women had the same incidence of pregnancy sickness as Caucasians.
    (Barnie-Adshead, not published).
  6. Vomiting compared to non-vomiting was more common in ‘Blacks’ than ‘Whites’.
    Highly significant. 8,019 women, 4,517 vomited, 3,502 did not vomit. P
  7. In general it may be said that coloured women are apt to be afflicted more often in hyperemesis than white women of the same social class. 43 women with hyperemesis gravidarum. (7)
  8. Low incidence of NVP has been reported among Eskimos and Native African Tribes (Review Article). (24)
  9. The incidence of NVP is similar in both Eastern and Western populations. 1,453 women with singleton pregnancies. (63)
  10. White ethnicity was associated was increased vomiting. 825 women in study population. (78)
  11. Hospitalisations were higher for black than white women for vomiting. White women 1.1 hospitalisation/100 deliveries; black women 1.7 hospitalisation/100 deliveries.
    Information gained from approximately 274,000 records sampled from 978 hospitals between 1991-1992. (119)
  12. Of all the societies available in the Human Relation Area Files (1980) the 30 societies having information on morning sickness, eight (27%) reported no morning sickness. All the geographical areas are represented in the sample of 30 societies. The authors give the reason as a stable diet of maize in these eight societies, rather than genetic make-up of families. (110)
  13. Black and Asian Women have less NVP than Caucasians in the 1st trimester of pregnancy. (146).
  14. In Norway, Pakistani women have been 3.7 times more likely to report HG than ethnic Norwegians. A larger study showed that women born in Pakistan had more than twice higher risk of developing HG than women born in Norway. 798311 Norwegian, 3927 Pakistani women in study. (151)




No difference in incidence of NVP with ethnic origin. (10) (27) (51) (61) (B-A) (63)

                                                                                                            Total: Six References

NVP more likely in Negros. (18) (7) (119)                                            Total: Three References

Low incidence of NVP in Eskimos and native African tribes.                One Reference

White ethnicity was associated with increased vomiting. (78)               One Reference

Stable diet of maize associated with no NVP. (110)                              One Reference

In Norway Pakistani women 3.7 times more likely to report HG than ethnic Norwegians (150)                                                                                                                                   One Reference


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