HG is a debilitating and isolating condition which renders people socially isolated and unable to advocate for themselves due to prolonged and extreme nausea and vomiting which can persist throughout the pregnancy. People with HG can be bed bound for months on end with vomiting in excess of 30 times per day and experiencing extreme and severe nausea every waking moment. Complications include dehydration, malnutrition, hyponatraemia, Wernicke’s encephalopathy, preterm labour, intrauterine growth restriction and a host of additional complications. Around 10% of wanted pregnancies affected by HG end in termination

To support those affected by the condition one area of our work is the provision of one-to-one peer support from volunteers who have first-hand experience of the condition and specific training, which seeks to reduce the social isolation and mental health burden of the condition. This national network of volunteers can provide people with an empowering opportunity to recover from their experience of HG and turn it into positive action. The service we provide has a positive impact on both the sufferers and supporters’ mental health, enabling them to come to terms with their own experience, rebuilding self confidence and reducing social isolation.

Creating our community is what has enabled our charity to flourish and grow and although it’s not your traditional geographically defined community, it is an incredibly strong community utilising modern communication methods to maintain a wide web of members across the country. On finding us people frequently describe a sense of having found somewhere they fit in and belong, bonded by the common experience of a pregnancy which differs so far from the norm. Many of our volunteers have developed close “real world” friendships offline with other volunteers in their area as well as nationally following conferences where they have been able to meet face to face.

“Being a volunteer for PSS has given me a great opportunity to give something back to the charity that helped me have my two wonderful children. Having HG was the worst experience of my life, but volunteering means that something positive has come out of it. By sharing my experience to help make other sufferer’s journeys that little bit easier it, in turn, has helped me process how HG affected me.” PSS Volunteer


“Being a PSS volunteer enables me to make something positive out of the worst experiences in my pregnant life. It is so rewarding making a difference in a woman’s life when she is at her lowest ebb, just by sending a simple text and being there.” PSS Volunteer


“Being a PSS volunteer has helped me to come to terms with my experiences of HG. I was traumatised by the lack of support and acknowledgement during my pregnancy. I am able to be a witness to the people I support and reassure them they are not alone.” PSS Volunteer


“Volunteering for PSS gives me the opportunity to make the darkest points in my life pay back the time it took from me. Helping other women helps me to work through the mental impact that HG has had on me and feel stronger for it.” PSS Volunteer

Apply to volunteer

There are lots of ways you can get involved with Pregnancy Sickness Support;

  • Supporting sufferers: 1-2-1 and via our online Forum
  • Fundraising
  • Awareness Raising
  • Presentations and Talks
  • Service Development in your local area
  • Case Study for press coverage
  • P.P.I / Research
  • Level 2 Accredited Training
  • Social Media

Volunteer Peer Supporter

A graphic showing information about the work of volunteers

Our Support Network is growing rapidly and we are always looking to recruit new Volunteer Peer Supporters.

Volunteer Peer Supporters work with sufferers on a 1-2-1 basis via text, email, phone or sometimes face to face throughout their pregnancy while symptoms persist. Peer Supporters also offer support via our Online Forum.

To volunteer for Pregnancy Sickness Support we require that you fill in an application form and our Volunteer Coordinator will contact you for a telephone interview. We will then collect 2 references and you will complete our online training program.

We cannot accept referees who are related to the applicant. Ideally one will be professional although we understand that for some women they have been out of work for some time, in which case a personal reference by someone who holds a professional qualification will be acceptable. 

Once you have been through the training and feel ready you will matched with women in your area who require support.

You will be able to change your status for periods of time if you need a break and ongoing support for you is available via the Volunteer/Support Coordinators and trustee team.

Quarterly feedback is collected via our online system and, should you wish to come, we hold an annual conference where you can meet the team and other volunteers.

Please note that although we encourage all applications, only people who have actually suffered nausea and vomiting in pregnancy will be able to support other sufferers via the support network.

Full Training and insurance will be provided.

To volunteer for Pregnancy Sickness Support we require that you fill in an application form below and our Volunteer Coordinator will contact you for an informal telephone interview


Duties may include the following:

  • To provide support and information to sufferers and ex-sufferers of NVP and Hyperemesis Gravidarum, and their families, using text, email, phone, via our forum or sometimes face to face.
  • To deliver talks and presentations on the work of PSS using the standard materials provided. Wherever possible to set out a standard display of leaflets and other information about PSS.
  • To assist in the distribution of leaflets and materials in local hospitals and health centres.
  • To fundraise for the charity through Team PSS - full support and resources are available from our Volunteer Coordinator.
  • To liaise with the Volunteer/Support Coordinators on a regular basis and attend training, meetings and conferences where possible.
  • This list is only indicative, and there may be other tasks that may be requested if appropriate.

Person specification

For this role we are looking for someone with the following skills and abilities:

  • Ability to work in a professional and safe manner, maintaining confidentiality and integrity at all times.
  • Sound listening skills.
  • Experience of nausea and vomiting in pregnancy or hyperemesis gravidarum
  • Ability to work without close supervision.
  • Empathy.

Suffering from Nausea and Vomiting in Pregnancy or HG can be a lonely and emotional experience.

"The support I received over the past 6 weeks from PSS helped get me through what has been the toughest time of my life. Having someone who really understood the condition helped us through and crucially, at times gave me really useful information I didn't get from my own medical practitioners. In my experience, HG is such a debilitating and lonely struggle, the more support you get the better chance you have of surviving it"
Lisa, from London.

“My husband was amazing, and contacting Pregnancy Sickness Support was the best thing I could have done. It was hard to look at a screen for very long, so emailing, texting and even talking on the phone was hard but just knowing there was someone there who cared, understood and would text/email weekly (even when I didn’t respond) made me realise I wasn’t alone.”
Mandy HG Survivor

Forum Moderators

Our busy online support forum is in need of more moderators to cope with it's growth and popularity. If you would be interested in becoming a moderator then please fill out the form at the bottom of this page and specify on the application form that you would be interested in this role. 

Moderators are there to offer support, welcome new members, move topics to more appropriate rooms, and answer questions. They try to help direct forum users to resources and information within the PSS website. If a problem or concern arises in a particular room the moderator for that room will become involved and seek to resolve the problem or investigate the concern, reporting any findings to Admins. 


Forum Moderators are committed to keeping our support forums running as smoothly and as welcoming as possible.

This list is only indicative, and there may be other tasks that may be requested if appropriate.

Duties include:

  • To welcome sufferers and their families into the rooms.
  • To keep abreast of discussions in the rooms they are moderating and move any threads if they are in the wrong place, ensuring to PM the original poster to explain why and where their post can now be found.
  • To maintain a supportive and caring environment in all rooms they are moderating.
  • To direct members to relevant information on our website and to assist in contacting the relevant PSS staff and/or trustee where needed.
  • To watch for potential problems and work to resolve disputes and to enforce the rules of the rooms, removing inappropriate posts, such as adverts.
  • To investigate any allegations of “trolls” and suspected MBI cases whilst maintaining the confidentiality of all involved and to act upon findings by informing the admin team. In all cases of suspected/confirmed MBI inform a PSS Trustee.
  • To liaise with the Support Coordinator, designated Trustees and Admin team on a regular basis and attend online meetings/training if appropriate.
  • Work with PSS staff and Trustees to help develop, update and implement policies and guidelines for the use of the forum to reflect the ever changing nature of the online support.

Person specification

  • Admins must be registered, experienced volunteers for PSS and usually must have attended one of our training days/conferences.
  • For this role volunteers should have the following skills and abilities:
  • Ability to work in a professional and safe manner, maintaining confidentiality and integrity at all times.
  • Experience of group administration.
  • Experience of NVP/HG, or of a family member experiencing NVP/HG.
  • Ability to work without close supervision.
  • Level headed attitude and ability to stay calm and calm others during periods of drama or excitement.

Specific Volunteer Role Vacancies

In this section you will find details of specific positions available with role descriptions, guidance notes and application information..

Some roles will have specific closing dates, after which interviews will be conducted and others will be ongoing, with interviews following shortly after application.

Further training for the roles will be given on successful appointment to the role.

Positions are limited and not all applicants will be successful, however, volunteers with an interest and skills in a particular area will be noted and prioritised as more roles become available and the charity expands.

We are currently welcoming applications for all roles.

Volunteer registration form

To register as a volunteer please complete the form below.
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Please select any skills you have that might be useful 
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Please provide two references to support your application. Ideally one should be professional/educational (referees cannot be related to you)



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30% of pregnant women in paid employment need time off work due to NVP.


85% of pregnant women have two episodes of nausea per day.


Nausea & vomiting in pregnancy (NVP) is very common, on average it affects 70-80% of pregnant women to a greater or lesser extent.