Call the doctor, you are not being a nuisance!

HG is happening to you, not because of you.

If it wasn't for the helpline I wouldn't have got the help and the treatment I needed to cope.

I've found having a peer supporter really useful. A few texts seems like such a small thing, but it’s meant a lot to know I’m not alone and that there is someone that I can speak to, who has been through it themselves.

It was so comforting to speak to someone that listened to me, understood my symptoms and most importantly made me feel like I wasn't overreacting.

You've been there for me and I've not felt alone.

The helpline is a very compassionate service.

The helpline was an amazing lifeline. I was at rock bottom and really needed help.

The helpline was really comforting, and the volunteer peer supporter was so kind, and gave practical support for my GP appointment.

HG has been a very isolating experience, when i called the helpline i felt listened to for the first time. It gave me the confidence to go back to my Midwife and ask for further help.

I am petrified of becoming pregnant again but at least I know I have the support of Pregnancy Sickness Support

I called the helpline at a time of despair and was met with kindness and validation. They were the first person to tell me that what I was feeling was not normal and that there is help for me.