Thursday 9th January 2020

Pregnancy Sickness Support has been awarded funding from The National Lottery Community Fund.

We are thrilled to announce that Pregnancy Sickness Support has been awarded funding from
The National Lottery Community Fund

Pregnancy Sickness Support has been awarded funding for 3 years to cover the core costs of the Volunteer Support Network and help the HG Community thrive in England

What the funding will enable us to do:
*Break down barriers and increase our reach to wider community groups.
*Increase the number of contacts made to the helpline so that more people and their families can be supported.
*Recruit and train more Support Volunteers so that the increase in demand to our support network can be met.
*Produce evidence based information in relevant forms.
*Increase access to education for healthcare professionals about the condition.
*Facilitate and encourage further service development throughout the UK.
*Lead the public conversation around the subject through social and mainstream media to raise awareness and erode stigmas
*Facilitate, encourage and support further research into the condition, its impacts and its treatments enabling the voices of people with HG to be heard within the research process.

Chairperson Caitlin Dean said,
"This is a momentous moment for our small charity to grow and provides the recognition of the hard work and huge impact we are having nationally. The validation this provides our sufferers and volunteers is just wonderful; Hyperemesis Gravidarum is a serious condition worthy of a well-funded charity to support those affected."