Tuesday 11th May 2021


HG Awareness Day 2021 #HGtruths

Join the HG Community in the UK to celebrate International Hyperemesis Awareness Day 2021. Throughout the month of May we will be sharing #HGtruths and shedding light on the reality of HG

Click on the pictures below to uncover the truths of some recognised members of the HG community. If you'd like us to feature your story too, please email us at office@pregnancysicknesssupport.org.uk 



Michelle Owen


Michelle Owen, sports presenter and PSS charity Ambassador shares her HG truths in this open blog post. Michelle also recorded for us her talking about her HG Experiences and is taking part in the PSS 40 Day Challenge




Charlotte Howden, HG Campaigner, producer of the Sick Film and Hyperemesis Files shares her HG truths




Tuesday and Sawyer


Tuesday McEwan, Pregnancy Sickness Support volunteer Peer Supporter, mentor, and social media team member shares with us her HG truths






Sarah Titmus


Sarah Titmus, PSS peer support volunteer and co-author of "How I survived Hyperemesis Gravidarum" talks about her pregnancy experience and HG truths. 





Susie Verrill


Susie Verrill, mum of 3, influencer and wife of Greg Rutherford shares her HG Truths








Dana Hassan, Pregnancy Sickness Support volunteer shares her HG Truths









Kylie Birks, PSS peer support volunteer, social media team member, fundraiser and placement student shares her #HG truths









Kitty Trout, author of poetry book " The Evolution of mum" and new member of the PSS social media team volunteers shares her HG truths






Katrine Quorning


Katrine Quorning, author of Hyperemesis Gravidarum: A book of comfort, love and support shares her HG Truths







Afni Shah-Hamilton, contacted us at Pregnancy Sickness Support contacted us to share her HG truths









Rowan Green, PSS and Cradle Charity Volunteer and Admin of the new Post HG Support group shares her HG truths