Brush Baby Giveaway

Tuesday 17th August 2021

Brush Baby Giveaway

Xylitol – the ‘little known’ ingredient making a ‘big’ difference!


Did you know that the only person who decided to take a toothbrush as their ‘luxury item’ on ‘Desert Island Discs’, has been John Bishop?  A surprising fact, not just from a health aspect of keeping teeth clean, and hopefully decay-free, but you cannot beat that fresh feeling that brushing your teeth gives you. It really is one of life’s nicest, and often easiest little things to do to give you a ‘pick-me-up’.


Unfortunately for many pregnant women, especially those suffering from debilitating Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG), just the mere ‘whiff’ of a minty toothpaste is enough to make them feel unwell. However keen their desire they just cannot do it.


Brush-Baby, who offer a specific range of gum and dental-care products for babies, toddlers and children, have discovered how one of their entry-level products for babies – DentalWipes has found a new bonus for pregnant women.  The Xylitol-infused wipes have provided an alternative way of helping women clean their teeth, gums and inside their mouth, when they have found toothbrushing a particularly difficult task.


So what’s so special about Xylitol and why does it work?

Xylitol  - a ‘sugar’ that is good for you!

It may seem improbable but there is a natural type of sugar alternative which is actually good for you!

The product is Xylitol which comes from birch trees and is proven at reducing the bacteria that causes tooth decay. Xylitol was first endorsed by the British Dental Association in 1992 and the Foundation’s Chief Executive, has been quoted in the press as saying he believes that Xylitol “may be the biggest advance against cavities since fluoride.”

The benefits of Xylitol have been well-known in other cultures for centuries.  The ancient Chinese used it for treating cavities and gum disease and Finland initiated research into its properties back in the 1970s and today Swedish children are regularly given free Xylitol sweets in schools and nurseries.

Why is Xylitol good for your teeth? 

Every time you eat, the bacteria present in your mouth digest the sugars of your food to produce acids that eat away at the enamel of your teeth. This ‘acid attack’ causes tooth decay and cavities can begin to form if prolonged.

How does it work? 

Xylitol tastes sweet, but unlike sugar, it’s not converted in the mouth to acids that cause tooth decay (because these bacteria are unable to digest xylitol). In fact, it reduces levels of decay-causing bacteria in saliva leaving room for more tooth-friendly bacteria.

Brush-Baby DentalWipes (with Xylitol) – a handy way to clean your teeth

Handy, hygienically sealed disposable wipes can be popped discretely into a purse, pocket, handbag or office drawer desk and used to freshen up at any time. And there’s no wastage, because when baby arrives you can use them to start them on their own personal oral hygiene routine. ‘Win-win!’


For a double-whammy if you feel up to it at toothbrushing time at home try using an anti-bacterial mouthwash particularly if you have had excessive vomiting.


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