BBC Coverage October 2021

Friday 22nd October 2021

BBC Coverage October 2021

"Women driven to terminate wanted pregnancies due to hyperemesis gravidarum"


A new research paper was released today following the largest study in the UK on hyperemesis gravidarum. Here you can find links to all of the coverage across the BBC talking about the findings of the study, and real-life experiences from those who have endured the condition themselves.


Full Press release by King's College London


Laura Anderson shares her experience of Hyperemesis Gravidarum


BBC Today show with Charity Ambassador Michelle Owen and Professor Catherine Williamson


BBC Radio Scotland with PSS Volunteers Laura and Lynette


BBC Breakfast Show with PSS Chairperson Dr Caitlin Dean


BBC Radio London with Dr Melanie Nana and Dr Caitlin Dean


BBC Radio Coventry with UHHW Midwife Laney Holland and HG Sufferer Carly


BBC Radio Scotland with Dr Caitlin Dean


BBC Radio London with Obstetrician Dr Ria Clarke and Sick film producer Charlotte Howden


BBC Asian Network with Dr Shazia Zafar


BBC Radio Wales with Dr Melanie Nana and PSS Volunteer Marie Vaile


BBC 6pm News feature on Hyperemesis Gravidarum and the UK's largest study in to the condition


The Nine Show Scotland with Professor Catherine Williamson and HG Sufferer Stephanie Alison


BBC Radio Shropshire with Sky News presenter Michelle Owen, sufferer Laura Anderson, Professor Catherine Williamson, sufferer Kirsty James and her partner Andrew Burton, and chairperson Dr Caitlin Dean