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Do you think you could support someone suffering Pregnancy Sickness or Hyperemesis Gravidarum? then volunteer today. Contact the Support Coordinator via our Volunteer Page.

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You can raise money for us by recycling your old mobile phones and ink cartridges! Click here to find out how.


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New PSS Forum Launches   31 Jul 2013

PSS has launched a new forum facility on the website so as to provide online support to more women and their partners. This is to replace the facebook support group which had grown too big to be fit for purpose...

New Network Structure   16 May 2013

Our Supporters Network has grown so much in recent months that we have reached the point now of needing to consolidate it and run it by one central person...

International Hyperemesis Awareness Day 15th May 2013   9 May 2013

The 15th May is International Hyperemesis Awareness Day and there is lots of activity by our wonderful volunteers to raise awareness and funds!Amanda Shortman has organised a massive Ebay Auction of beautiful hand crafted items to raise money...

Zip wire fund raiser   27 Apr 2013

Volunteer Amy Hartley is braving a massive and high zip wire across the River Tyne to raise money for PSS. You can sponsor her via her Virgin Money Giving page...

Hosptial Radio Interview   9 Apr 2013

Our dedicated volunteer and regional leader for Scotland, Heather Miranda, gave an excellent interview to her local hospital radio last week. As a result of the interview the Lead Midwife for the hospital met with Heather and they are working together to improve the care for women in the area and provide better information via their website...

Diclegis licensed in America for Pregnancy Sickness   9 Apr 2013

Diclegis (known as Diclectin in Canada) has been licensed for use to treat pregnancy sickness in the USA, according to an FDA press release. There are hopes that the drug, which is a combinations of Doxalymine succinate (an old fashioned antihistamine like cyclizine) and Pyridoxine (vitamin B6), will be licenced in the UK in the next few years for women suffering pregnancy sickness and hyperemesis gravidarum...

Emma Gallie 5 X 50 challenge   1 Apr 2013

Emma Gallie has kindly volunteered to walk/run 5k every day for 50 days to raise money for PSS. You can support her efforts via Virgin Money Giving. Well done and Thank you Emma!

BBC Breakfast   5 Mar 2013

Executive Officer was asked to appear on BBC Breakfast news to discuss the new research PSS is launching. you can watch the interview here.

Pioneering treatment in Bath   12 Feb 2013

Sirona Health & Care Nurse, Emma Moxham, and her colleagues in Bath have been pioneering a new IV therapy at home service for women suffering Hyperemesis Gravidarum...

5k challenge for Hyperemesis Awareness Day   28 Jan 2013

The 15th of May is International Hyperemesis Awareness Day so lots of our volunteers are going to be doing 5k runs and other local events to raise money for Pregnancy Sickness Support...