What is pregnancy sickness?

Pregnancy sickness is often called morning sickness, but it can occur at any time of the day or night. Despite sickness being an expected part of pregnancy, severity does vary from person to person. Sickness isn’t always vomiting; nausea can be so debilitating that it effects your ability to eat and drink.

Sometimes symptoms go beyond the realm of ‘normal’ and your quality of life becomes impacted, at this point it’s important to seek medical care. Reach out to us for information and support to help you cope and get the right treatment.

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What is hyperemesis gravidarum?

Hyperemesis gravidarum is a condition at the extreme end of the pregnancy sickness spectrum. It affects approximately 3% of pregnancies and is very debilitating for sufferers. HG strongly limits everyday activities; vomiting and/or nausea are severe.

It is important that you seek medical treatment if you are unable to keep any food or fluid down as you can become dehydrated very quickly. Often IV fluids are essential to become rehydrated, and medication is necessary to try and stabilise symptoms. Contact us to talk through your options and to help you advocate for yourself with your healthcare professionals.

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You are not alone

Reaching out for support can be difficult but we are here to help you. Coping with the everyday effects of pregnancy sickness can be extremely isolating. We understand the need to feel validated and we can provide information about treatments available. Contact our compassionate and caring support team today.

"I called the helpline at a time of despair and was met with kindness and validation. They were the first person to tell me that what I was feeling was not normal and that there is help for me." - Charlotte

If you need help but cannot talk on the phone, click here to WhatsApp our support team.

How to get support


It can be difficult to talk sometimes. If sending a text is easier for you then please contact us on WhatsApp and we will endeavor to respond to you within three working days.

Click here to WhatsApp our support team.


Get help - 024 7638 2020

Call our helpline and speak to our support team who offer free support and evidence-based information about treatments, coping strategies, and services available in your area.

Request a call back

Fill out this form and we will endeavor to call you within three working days, during office hours. To speak to someone today call our helpline on 024 7638 2020

Community Space

The PSS Community Space is a safe space for anyone affected by pregnancy sickness or HG to receive help and support. Previous sufferers of various severities can offer a wealth of information on coping strategies and tips for surviving. PSS-HQ and trained volunteers, known as Community Champions, monitor its activities and ensure that no post is left unread. Register here

Peer support

We use our amazing volunteer network, made up of individuals around the UK and Northern Ireland, who have all suffered with HG or severe pregnancy sickness to offer this much needed service to those who are currently going through a similar experience. 

If you would like to be matched with a volunteer for peer support, then fill out this form.

HG counselling

There is a lack of professional mental health support for those affected by HG, leaving vulnerable women and pregnant people suffering emotionally both during and following a traumatic pregnancy. We offer fully funded and heavily subsidised specialist telephone counselling sessions to those who are experiencing emotional difficulties because of HG.

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