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"Everything a dedicated Healthcare Professional and Research Resource team should aspire to and be. Thank you for your intelligent, articulate and compassionate support during such an intensely surreal and traumatic time, despite me still being a stranger that you have never met. My family and I are eternally grateful and indebted..’ - a hyperemesis gravidarum sufferer

After Hyperemesis Gravidarum

Although for many each pregnancy is very different and having pregnancy sickness in one pregnancy does not necessarily mean you will get it again, unfortunately for many women with severe nausea and vomiting in pregnancy and hyperemesis gravidarum the chances of it reoccurring are high. For many women the experience of their first pregnancies were so awful that they can't even contemplate going through it again. There is a number of ways in which you can prepare for an 'HG' pregnancy and in particular it is important you speak to your doctor about pre-emptive medication. See our page about preparation for an HG pregnancy.


If you are experiencing any issues following an HG pregnancy further help is available:

Please visit your GP with any ongoing symptoms or new concerns.

You can also contact:

Relatethe UK's largest provider of relationship support to people of all ages, backgrounds and sexual orientations.

Mind - A National charity supporting mental illness. They support perinatal and postnatal mental health issues.

Angela Harrison Trust - A charity which aims to help women and their families by raising awareness and providing information about postnatal depression/illness

Association for Post Natal Illness - The Association Of Postnatal Illness is the leading organisation in its field and offers support to suffers and their families.

NETMUMS lists PND support across the UK, alongside PND Symptoms and treatments.

Birth Trauma Association - Supports all women who have experienced trauma in birth (PTSD) as well as in pregnancy and immediately after birth.

PND and Me - Raising awareness of Perinatal Mental Health

Please note that Pregnancy Sickness Support is not responsible for the content of any of the above links but hopes that they may provide a source of further help and information.

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