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IV at Home Service

For rural areas an IV at Home service can be absolutely incredible for women with hyperemesis gravidarum who are facing long journeys for multiple admissions to hospital for rehydration. In America, where healthcare is insurance led, IV at home by community based nursing teams is a standard procedure because it is cost effective for the companies paying. 

The charity gets many phone calls every year asking if this is something they can access in the UK but sadly it is not yet a well established service. That is however changing rapidly. In the South West of England Sirona Care and Health, who provide the community services for the NHS have a team of acute care at home nurses who have expanded their roles to include providing IV hydration for hyperemesis patients in their area. Their service won the Nursing Times 2014 Award for Nursing in the Community.

You can watch the video below about their service and find their treatment pathway in the resources. We will have further information about how to develop a similar service in your area.

The following film was made about the Sirona Care and Health IV at home service. Thanks go to Lizzie for sharing her journey and to Sirona Care and Health for allowing us to share this film.

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