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Nine Months Of...

See what our dedicated volunteers are doing to raise awareness and funds with our "nine months of..." campaign

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"Everything a dedicated Healthcare Professional and Research Resource team should aspire to and be. Thank you for your intelligent, articulate and compassionate support during such an intensely surreal and traumatic time, despite me still being a stranger that you have never met. My family and I are eternally grateful and indebted..’ - a hyperemesis gravidarum sufferer

Nine Months of.... blog

The Nine Months of... campaign started with our dedicated volunteers and their families and friends helping us raise funds and awareness by doing something for a full 9 months.

From nine months of running 9k a week to nine months of crocheting and everything in between, hill walking, baking, going vegi and lots more. The nine months of... campaign aimed to raise awareness of the fact that around 60% of women who have Hyperemesis Gravidarum have symptoms throughout the whole nine months of the pregnancy.

The campaign included blogging about their efforts and now it has become a larger platform for all of our fundraisers to tell their family and friends more about when, where and why their events are being held.

We are also using it to raise awareness and as a place for women and their families to share their hyperemesis stories with one off or regular posts.

If you are fundraising for us please get in touch and let us know what you will be doing. You can either write a post or we can sometimes write it for you from a telephone interview. We can also link your fundraising page so you can use the post to share with all your family, friends and colleagues to encourage them to sponsor you.

Nine Months of... fundraising for pregnancy sickness support