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Want to fundraise for us? Click here for ideas of things you can do!

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Pregnancy Sickness Support is a tiny charity run almost entirely by volunteers who give their time and effort to keep it going. As yet we do not receive any funding from larger sources such as the National Lottery (although we are working hard on this) and so rely completely on the donations of individuals who support our cause.

At the moment donations are providing just enough to keep the charity running on a year to year basis by covering running costs such as web-hosting, telephone and printing costs as well as providing the funds for our annual conference and for some of our trustees to attend the National Midwives Conference with a stall. However, our Volunteer supporters are supplementing this significantly out of their own pockets as we cannot yet provide money to refund expenses for them. Although funds have increased significantly in the last couple of years we are still a long way off the level of income we require to achieve all the things we would like.

We would really like to increase our fund-raising enough to be able to provide for bigger projects such as;

  • producing training programme for midwives and doctors
  • producing promotional materials for both sufferers and healthcare professionals
  • employing a national co-ordinator for our support network so that it can grow and develop further
  • to fund research into both the cause and cure for Nausea and Vomiting in Pregnancy and Hyperemesis Gravidarum as well as research into the beneficial effects of support and education (which in turn will help us apply for greater funding opportunities).
  • On a local level, Team Leaders are fund-raising to produce support packs for their areas and to be able to attend local events with an information stand.
  • to be able to pay our dedicated volunteers a few basic expenses so as not to see them out of pocket for their hard work.

Ways to Donate

  • Virgin Money Giving, if you are planning a sponsored event and would like to donate to PSS then you can set up a page via virgin money in order to have sponsors donate directly. Please follow the link below to our Virgin Money page. You can also just make one off donations via Virgin Money Giving or set up a monthly donation via their site. Virgin Money Giving is our preferred method of online donation as we also get the Gift Aid automatically for UK tax payers.
  • You can now also do events via BT MyDonate which also collects the gift aid automatically.
  • To do a sponsored event the old fashioned way you can download a sponsorship collection form here.
  • Via debit or credit card using Paypal, Click on the Donate link below to make an instant direct payment to PSS, You do not need a Paypal account to do this. Please note we do not receive Gift Aid via paypal donations.
  • Send a Cheque or Postal Order or set up a Standing Order. Download our Gift Aid form then post to

    Pregnancy Sickness Support, P.O. Box 3277, Nuneaton CV11 6ZL. If you fill in the Donation form then we will also get Gift Aid for UK tax payers and because there are no fees for depositing cheques, this form of direct payment is most beneficial to the charity.

  • Dinner4good is a new system where you can have friends round for dinner and fundraise at the same time! For more info see our page Dinner4Good or go direct to the Dinner4Good website
  • Recycle old phones and ink cartridges. Click here for more details


Donate now using Virgin Money Giving

Make a donation using Virgin Money Giving

Donate now using PayPal:

All credit cards accepted, you don't need a PayPal account