Termination is the ending of a pregnancy

What you need to know about HG and Termination

Termination following an HG pregnancy is also known as Therapeutic Termination or Termination for Medical Reasons (TFMR).

For many HG sufferers, Termination isn’t a choice; it is the last resort.

Around 50% of those suffering HG consider Termination at some point due to the severity of their symptoms and the devastating impact HG can have on a sufferer's life. However, Termination is still not talked about enough and remains a taboo subject in society leaving those affected by it feeling alone in their experience. 

In some cases, the reason given for termination is recorded as ‘social’ rather than for ‘medical reasons’ as some medical professionals consider this term only refers to foetal anomolies. However, the medical needs of the mother can also be a reason for TFMR. 

Termination is a Loss and women and their families need time to grieve and process their feelings around it. In addition, there may be mixed feelings about whether there will be another pregnancy and what life may look like after Loss. 

Some women don’t feel better instantly and continue to have HG symptoms for weeks or even longer while the body recovers not only from the pregnancy but also from HG. Ask your GP for antiemetics if this is the case.

Bereavement Support is available following termination regardless of the reason, but sufferers often have to ask for it. Our specialist HG Counsellors are available to support you and our Community Space offers a safe space to share your experience.

Our charity partners, ARC and Sands, also have an understanding of HG and are available to offer support through their websites and helplines. 


Approximately 10% of HG pregnancies end in Termination 


  • Women can’t face another HG pregnancy
  • Sufferers may feel too unwell to continue
  • The sufferer is unable to access the care and treatment they need
  • HG is putting the mother's physical health at risk
  • The birthing person's mental health is suffering because of HG
  • Termination feels like the last resort

Remember our Community Space and Counselling team are here for you. We understand HG and Loss. More information and support about Termination is also available from our charity partners.


“I was never offered counselling after my termination. I was just left to get on with it.”