Molar Pregnancy

A molar pregnancy is a conception where something goes wrong right at the beginning. There is abnormal overgrowth in the placenta.

What you need to know about HG and Molar Pregnancy

It is common to feel more sick when experiencing a molar pregnancy

This can feel even more unfair as there is no baby at the end of it. 

Molar pregnancies are an uncommon complication of pregnancy and are also known as ‘Trophoblastic disease’ and ‘hydatidiform mole’. It is common for an early scan to rule out molar pregnancy when presenting at hospital with HG symptoms.

The treatment for molar pregnancies is a form of Chemotherapy so there is a delay in being able to conceive again afterwards until your body is clear of the medication

For more information about Molar Pregnancies, check out The Molar Pregnancy Information & Support website and The Miscarriage Association.

Common Feelings after a Molar Pregnancy

  • Disbelief
  • Relief – that the sickness has ended
  • Guilt – that you wanted to sickness to end
  • Frustration – The medication used to treat Molar pregnancies cannot be taken while trying to conceive

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