Pregnancy Sickness Support is a partner organisation of ICHG; The International Collaboration for Hypermesis Gravidarum Research.


ICHG is a working group consisting of patient organisations, practising clinicians International Collaboration on Hyperemesis Gravidarum Research.


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85% of pregnant women have two episodes of nausea per day.


30% of pregnant women in paid employment need time off work due to NVP.


Nausea & vomiting in pregnancy (NVP) is very common, on average it affects 70-80% of pregnant women to a greater or lesser extent.

You are not alone

If you think you are suffering from HG please call us for support on: 024 7638 2020
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Latest tweet

#HGwarriors, you don't need to fight all the time. Resting IS doing something... you're growing a tiny (but needy!)…

05:35 21st January


"HG has been a very isolating experience, when i called the helpline i felt listened to for the first time. It gave me the confidence to go back to my Midwife and ask for further help."

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