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Monday - Friday 9am - 4:30pm
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About us

Support is Vital

"The support I received over the past 6 weeks helped get me through what has been the toughest time of my life. Having someone who really who really understood the condition give advice helped us through and crucially, at times, gave me really useful information I didn't get from my own medical practitioners. In my experience, HG is such a debilitating and lonely struggle, the more support you get the better chance you have of surviving it" - Lisa, from London.

The Big Brew

Get together to raise money and awareness for Pregnancy Sickness Support by holding your own Big Brew event. Click here for further details

Comments, Compliments and Complaints Procedure

PSS welcomes all comments, compliments and complaints about the service we provide. We want to hear from you.  We will listen and learn from what you tell us.

This leaflet explains how you can give PSS your compliments, comments or complaints


Verbal Compliments & Comments

If you pay us a compliment or make a comment about our service we would like your permission to make a record of what you say. We will ask you for your permission.

Written Compliments & Comments

If you put a compliment or comment in writing to us we will keep a copy of it on file .
The reason for keeping a record of what you say is because we might want to use it to demonstrate our commitment to obtaining feedback about our services or to support a funding application.
We will not use your name or any personal details unless you have given your written permission for us to do so.


All complaints are taken seriously and you will not be discriminated against or treated less favorably because you have made a complaint.


We aim to ensure our response will be quick, fair, courteous and helpful.
If you wish to make a complaint about the behaviour, action of a member of staff, a volunteer or any aspect of PSS's service we would encourage you, in the first instance, to talk to the person concerned , informally and try to resolve the situation .

If you are dissatisfied by the response you receive or feel unable to raise the matter with the person concerned then you can complain in writing. You can do this by either writing us a letter or by emailing to request a complaint form.

Please tell us what the issue is and what you would like us to do about it. 

Please return your complaint to the PSS office address Dunmore Farm, Treesmill, Par, Cornwall. PL24 2TU or submit it instantly online.


When we receive your written complaint we will pass it to the Support Coordinator. The Support Coordinator will write to you , acknowledging receipt of your complaint, within 5 working days of receiving it.

The Support Coordinator will then investigate your complaint. She may need to speak with you by telephone or in person and may invite you to a meeting. If you are invited to a meeting you may bring a supporter with you to the meeting. Within 15 working days of the receiving your complaint the Support Coordinator will write to you outlining her findings and the action PSS will take.

If you are not satisfied by the Support Coordinator’s response you can make a final appeal by writing to the Chair of the Trustees. The Chair of the Trustees will acknowledge receipt of your appeal within 12 working days of receiving it.  She will conduct a further investigation, which may involve meeting with you. He will respond to you with the outcome of his investigation within 22 working days. The Chair 's decision on the matter is final.

If you wish to complain about the Support Coordinator you may do so by following the process above but you should send your complaint directly to the Chair of Trustees.

Copies of all correspondence relating to your complaint and how we have dealt with it will be kept on a confidential file in the office.

This information can be made available in alternative formats.

This information is also available in other languages.